Book: Handmade Urbanism. From community initiatives to participatory practices.


Just a book recommendation to rethink the very concept of urbanism and learn from bottom up initiatives. An empathic city may only be posible if engaged citizens cooperate to solve local problems and increase the wellbeing of the community. You can download it for free!

“Handmade urbanism is the way of providing urban change carried out by local residents in their own neighborhoods or communities, with their own hands and means. It starts with the residents recognizing a problem, followed by the active realization of an idea to solve that immediate issue. Community initiatives evolve from those active gestures and support the citizen’s active participation at the local scale. Their acts recognize chances in challenges, make creative use of existing resources, and forge partnerships and relation- ships to achieve predefined goals that address their daily needs and, eventually, ensure an improved quality of life for communities.

The actions of handmade urbanism are unique, each shaped by the individuals and the field of operations that define them. They are carried out at the local scale, as products of culture and environment, and deal as much with soft infrastructure—physical and emotional wellbeing, education, etc.—as with the reshaping of the built environment. ” Read review here.

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